What to expect

If you’re in the market for furniture with character and history, vintage and antique pieces may be just what you’re looking for. However, it’s important to know what to expect when buying these types of items, as they often come with imperfections and wear and tear. Learn more about the charm and challenges of vintage and antique furniture here.

What to expect when buying vintage furniture.

All of the items we sell in our barns or online are vintage or antique, and as such they may come with marks, chips and imperfections. But this is all part of the charm of vintage and antique items; you are buying into their history so each item tells its own story. Please be aware that if you are looking for perfection you may not want to buy antique items.

We try to give a fair assessment of the condition of all the pieces we sell via our website and will always mention any significant damage or mark in the description.

We strongly advise you to come and visit us to see the items you are interested in however we understand this isn’t always possible. Therefore please do look closely at all the images, descriptions and details before making your purchase, to avoid disappointment.

Any signs of woodworm are treated to both remove and prevent return.

If you are unsure about any details please do call us and chat through any concerns before making your purchase.

Top tips before buying

To avoid any disappointment please do measure and measure again the space you are planning to house your item. Also look at the doorframe, any awkward corners the item has to pass through or low ceilings etc to ensure that when it arrives, it fits perfectly into your home.

Please also note that the majority of our armoires and knockdown wardrobes are broken down for transportation so need to be assembled once in situ. We are more than happy to talk you through it over the phone.


In addition to your legal rights, we will allow you to return goods if you have changed your mind. Please return the item(s) with your receipt within 14 days and we will happily offer an exchange or credit note.

Visit us

We are currently in the process of moving, so we don’t have official opening hours but can arrange for you to view certain items of furniture by appointment. We are very flexible, so just call us on 07956 650 895 to arrange a time if you would like to come and visit.

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